By robpenfold
Does anyone have measurements or a template for the actual goggle straps? I can't use originals as they cannot be shipped into Canada for some reason. So I'm going to get some webbing and some leather and make my own. I don't just want to use straight straps. I want to make them like to originals with that sort of triangular shaped back. Just not sure how big to make it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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By Mathew_impact1
Is this for GB1 OR GB2 style goggles, or Afterlife?

Afterlife harness uses 1" strap and buckles all around. The straps are thicker, maybe upolstry vinyl or an old belt? The buckles are similar to the ones I cut above. And it looks like the yoke may be scaled a bit smaller.
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Hi. I like it. I cannot get parts easily shipped to germany and it´s more fun for me to build the stuff myself. I have made a new Goggle frame and put it on Thingiverse yesterday. What do you think?

I have made a real style pvs-5 face cushion, too. I know Stan isn´t wearing this cushion in the 1st movie, but I like the Style. Do they use the real cushion on the Afterlife Goggles? I haven´t watched the movie, yet. I really would like to watch it in a real cinema, not just at home.


This style of face cushion is used in the 1st Movie:


My version of the pvs-5 face cushion with PDf, DXF, Step and STL:

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