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By Tekkno
I recently purchased two GBfans pack kits, with the wand lights boards. One was for me to upgrade my pack, and the othe was for a friend's build I'm doing.

My problem is that one kit seems to work fine - everything hooked up, lots of bright lights and noises - perfect. But with the other kit, nothing except for a long-delay flash on the pack bar LED-strip and the power light on the pack board. None of the switches work and nothing "turns on".

I've made sure that all of the toggle settings on every board are the same as the working kit, and I've tried swapping ribbon cables to see if there was a fault there, but again nothing. The only way the kit seems to work is if I swap the pack-lights board out with the other kit's. Then everything works perfectly.

Is there any way I can check if it's the pack-light board that's borked, or perhaps one of the clip-in switches or LEDs? Has anyone experianced anything similar?
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By EnderWeggen
Give these a once over see if anything sticks out to you. With out seeing what its doing id check the Configuration potentiometer on the wand and pack lights I am sure that's not it but you never know also make sure your ribbon cable is setup correctly It's covered in the wand instructions PDF page 19 ... ctions.pdf ... ctions.pdf ... ctions.pdf ... s_v1p0.pdf
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By Tekkno
Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, nothing seems to be working. All I get is a blinking white light on the pack power cell, and the red led on the main board.

Is there any way to alternatively wire the wand lights up, or who can I contact in the shop? I haven't had a reply to the email I sent.
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By Tekkno
Weirdly, I have just tried connecting the wand lights when the soundboard is active......and it works???

But the moment I turn the battery pack off and back on, the soundboard refuses to acknowledge the wand lights????

I am so confused 🤣
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By Tekkno
I say "works". It seems none of the wand LEDs will light, and the ear switch does nothing.

So perhaps something wrong with one of them is causing the issue?

So here's what I NOW have worked out.

Pack Sounboard - works
Pack Lights - works
Wand Lights - partially works

The wand lights must be connected after powering on the pack soundboard.
After this, the on/off switch, vent switch, firing button and song switch will work.
None of the Pack light LEDs work.
Ear switch does not work.

If I turn off the battery, the wand light board will not work at all - UNLESS I turn the battery back on and off again. Then it partially works as listed above.

I swear I'm not making this up! :D

Any assistance greatly appreciated at this point!

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