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By DJVinx
Hey guys,
Here's my new 3D printed goggles.

I made a pair about a year ago from another model that wasn't acurate. They were too small for me and uncomfortable too.

These are just great! And I made the cushion from EVA foam covered in heat formed craft foam. It snaps in place like the original.

The model is available on Thingiverse:

The straps are from a 3D VR helmet with 3d printed parts I made and repurposed leather. This part comes from my first goggles.






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They look great. I love how those files have each lens is in separate pieces just like the real adapters.
I'll have to get me a set printed up soon. I see the the 3D modeler rightfully credited Lowberg for his pics and WShawn for his files which they absolutely deserve all the credit.

Even though the only existing pics (as of now) of the top part of the short left adapter was mine. I feel like I failed by not taking the opportunity when I had that adapter. I had hoped to find out more about the base of the lenses and then make plans but all that disappeared exactly 2 years ago. I hope one day I get another chance to actually help out the community.
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