By Gareee
Just checked that last link, and can confirm it works fine.

It odd that there was no ecto siren sound at all anywhere. At least we have good ones of that!
By GhostGuy
I dunno why there's no Ecto siren. I suppose I could have missed it, but I was pretty careful to get everything. Does anyone remember it even being used in the game? I mean other than in the cutscenes. Maybe it was used for the tiny ecto artifact? I could have skipped over some of the artifact sounds I guess.
By Kant Lavar
The Ecto artifact did use the siren. As well, in Times Square and in Central Park, if you stand in front of the Ecto-1 when its rolling, it'll stop and the driver will sound the siren for a single loop and honk the horn. The timing on the two is independent, if memory serves, so you might be able to get it from that end.
By GhostGuy
I was still unable to find the Ecto sound, but it's not really a big deal since someone already got that sound in high quality mp3 format from one of the develoopers and posted it in an earlier link.

I did however find the sound for the Ecto toy, some additional player foley sounds, what I beleive is the sound played when you try to fire the slime thrower and its empty, and sounds for something called a ghost light, which could be part of the proton pack. Sounds similar to powering it up anyway.

All those sounds can ge gotten here:

Oh btw, I also noticed I accidentally placed some of the sounds for the ecto goggles in with the Ecto1 sounds.
By Gareee
More sounds is always good. Even if I can't use em now, I might be able to use them down the road.
I got a good Ecto-1 Siren from Replica props. I use it to loop the sound on my pack sound system.

Try Rob Wergen and see if he can get it to you, maybe add it to the mirrored site for SFX.

This thread should be STICKIED.

You've all done the community a great service here!

By Gareee
Actually, I second that! This SHOULD be stickied, since anyone lookinbg for sounds will find everything they need here in a one stop shop.
I just listened to all the Trap sounds. Problem is there's no single-inclusive Trap sequence that gives you the total package.

I used to be an editor for production companies and TV News....I'm thinking of throwing all of these sounds together from the rollout of the trap to get full sequence that has all of the trap sounds together where prudent; an all inclusive full trap deployment and capture sequence...or even just from the rollout to the stomping on the pedal, then a fadeout.

It'll have to wait until I finish my trap because I have a con this weekend in New Orleans and really want to have it on my hip, but is there any interest on this?

By Dejitaru_Davis
Couple of questions about these sounds...I guess this might sound stupid, but...

Which sound effect represents the standard gun firing noise? Protongun_beam_burst_loop? Protongun_beam_contain_loop? Protongun_turbo_loop? Also, based on the naming structure of the files...I assume the "_head" file slightly overlaps the beginning of the the loop and "_tail" caps the ending?
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By Johntheone
GhostGuy wrote:Individual zips, in case you don't want to download the whole 76mb pack with everything:


I could also kiss yoo, very passionately
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By BSjohnson
Now that's an awesome idea. I'm going to download these sounds onto my flash drive and file the motion activated Vigo painting under "Projects BSJohnson Will Probably Never Get Around To Doing." That folder cost me a lot in label-maker tape. :/
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By Mr.Spider
That was every one's idea, im sure once we all saw it in game , we knew we had to have it

Nothin keeps you slimmer than vigo yelling at you when you go for a midnight snack lol
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By BSjohnson
Mr.Spider wrote:Nothin keeps you slimmer than vigo yelling at you when you go for a midnight snack lol
I can think of at least one thing that would work better to keep you out of the kitchen ...
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By VenomSymbiote
Thank you, GhostGuy! I've wanted several of these sounds for a while. Like the PKE and Trap sounds. I checked the Trap and Misc files over, but didn't see it so I'm wondering if you could snag the sound of the dumping the trap into the containment unit? I thought the one containment unit sound was that actually, but it lacks the dumping sound at the end. If it helps, I believe it's the sound you hear if you go down to the unit after each outing and pull the lever to the right of it.

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