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By nevenkman
Nighty80 wrote: September 26th, 2022, 4:11 am For what it’s worth, I emailed 29/06, 27/08, 18/09, 22/09 and sent a message via the contact form on his website (that uses the same email address) on Sat 24/09 - no reply. Either he doesn’t monitor that inbox, or is ignoring me. I prefer to believe the former, but am becoming increasingly anxious it’s the latter.
However, others report they have managed to contact Dave via hit IG recently, so it might be worth creating an account on there.
I've used Facebook Messenger to communicate with him. We message, do audio/video calls when it was necessary. I would recommend messaging through that or instagram for the most prompt response.
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By FelixPack_GB
Ok so about a week or two ago I messaged David on instagram and Gmail but no replies so I’m at the point now of giving up trying to ask to see a picture of the pack
But I’ll still wait
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By Nighty80
Since my last post I've created an IG account and sent a couple of messages on there - still no reply :sigh:
Being busy is one thing, delays are another - and if kept informed I will understand - and forgive - both. However, being completely ignored for 6 months is becoming tedious, and needless to say erodes trust. I can be patient - I just need to be confident there is actually some (/any) progress since I paid - in full - back in June '21.

Update: Shortly after posting this Dave contacted me via IG :cool:
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I'm also one of the people who can't get a reply to emails - I haven't heard anything really since my payment was made, and I've gone beyond the projected fulfilment date at ordering.

Sorry to highlight things in this way, but it's too much money to just ignore, and we're getting too close to the event I wanted it for in the first place.

Edit: Since this, we've been in regular communication, and progress has developed substantially.
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By gbtman1
I commissioned him for a pack in October 2020 & I’m still waiting for mine as well. I’ve given him a lot of leeway because of his transparency & the high quality of his work but as we’re coming up on the 2-year mark, my patience is reaching its limits. I haven’t heard back from him since early July.
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By FelixPack_GB
I sent a response email about pictures that he promised he would send over the weekend a few weeks ago and I still haven’t seen any :/
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By Ackbar
I had to wait quite a while, too. But at last I got an answer in which he explained everything to me. I think he´s drowning in requests...
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By FelixPack_GB
Ok so I found out the best way to get ahold of David is Instagram when he is online and if you say this is the same pack he said he grabbed it off the rack with my name tag on it but I can’t wait:D
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By CitizenBuster
ImageSo I got my pack delivered from Proton Props. All I can say is pictures and videos don't do it justice. Everything that has been said about these packs are true. It looks and just feels like an actual screen used unlicensed nuclear accelerator. I can't stop smiling. I know there are concerns about the wait time and sometimes it's just plain hard to get ahold of Proton Props. It's easy for frustration to build and people to just get pissed. But I can assure you from experience now, that if you have an order with him, David is working on it. And he fabricates so much more than just packs. Him being busy is an understatement. He is a stand up guy, and stands by his product. It's not just his business, it's his livelihood. He truly loves making this stuff. It shows in his finished goods. I know everyone is tired of hearing this, but it really is worth the wait. When you finally get it, you'll know for sure why you bought from him. Waiting truly sucks. And him not getting back to people as quick as they would like makes the blood pressure go up.
But the amount of work the man does by himself is insane. So thank you David. But get back to work, you're behind ; )
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By mardin_chatzuk
Someone mentioned in another thread that Proton Props is taking commissions for traps. I see there's a 'coming soon' listing for an '84 trap on his site, but based on everyone's reports here, I'm guessing it could be a good long while before they start to become a reality.

At this point just wondering if anybody knows whether Dave's made or shown any traps yet, or if it's still just a planned addition to his lineup.
By GaudinosWheels
Not seen any signs that he has a demo trap to show off yet.

Spoke to him last night about my pack and he’s all hands on deck trying to finish 6 packs and get them out before Halloween.
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By CitizenBuster
I've seen pics of a commission trap Dave's been working on for a customer. He's been building it for a while, probably in between all the other stuff he's working on. But just like his packs, it looks exquisite!
By tobycj
As expected the traps he's doing are top drawer, with the best parts available. He uses a throwing chicken hero trap, and Ghost Mech 852 electronics, but he's not finished the ones he's working on at the moment, so I'd expect any further ones to be quite a wait.
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By Ackbar
6 weeks later the pack still hasn´t arrived, and his Facebook Site is down again. Panic-mode activated...
By tobycj
Ackbar wrote: November 22nd, 2022, 1:11 am 6 weeks later the pack still hasn´t arrived, and his Facebook Site is down again. Panic-mode activated...
His facebook page has been deleted AGAIN, so either get in touch with him via Instagram or the email on the website. He's moving house at the moment, so might be a bit behind in catching up on his messages.
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By Ackbar
Yes I know he has a lot of trouble, I wrote him via Instagram. The panic-mode is because of the missing package not because I mistrust him :-)
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By Ackbar
This is so unnerving, I understand that he has very much to do, but two months for a delivery seems simply to long. I am very concerned that it got lost. Got yesterday a package from Mexico, which took only three days for delivery. Well thereˋs no Brexit of course. Sorry for wasting your time guys, but I had to get this off my chest.
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