If you haven't seen our Instagram or Facebook posts today... we're looking into adding a RGB inspired jumpsuit to our line up:


These would be made from the same rip-stop cotton as our GB1 suit, but custom dyed for each character. The collar would be slightly less rounded and we'll change out the zippered leg bottoms for a velcro strap to match the sleeve cuffs. We'll also remove the internal stormflap behind the main zipper as we have on our Paranormal Jacket.

The name patch and leg hose connector would not be included as standard, but could be added by request.

We've received a huge amount of positive response on this, so I think we will proceed with some prototyping. We may also add a Janine coloring... possibly even Louis in the future.

Kind regards,
Been casually reading the forum for years, usually there is nothing left to say by the time I see a topic. I can't believe no one commented on this yet.

I know those are just photo edits but they look fantastic. I have a tru-spec flight suit which is obviously not 100% movie accurate but it has been hard to justify getting another that is mostly the same. Obviously it has still been tempting but these are different enough that it would likely get me to order one.

An interesting thought I had, what if we could mix and match the suit and collar/cuff colors. I don't know if your manufacturing process would allow that but I could see several different suit and collar/cuff color combinations looking really good together. Food for thought if it is possible.
Super digging this, man. These're gonna be nicer than the Spirit Halloween versions for sure. I've hedged on getting a Spirit one for a while now since they're not a ton of money (and they come with other stuff to complete the look) but reviews say the suits are hot due to the fabric choice. And call me paranoid, but I'm willing to bet the sizing on them is funky which'll mean ordering a size up and tailoring the darned thing. Even worse is that they're marked as un-washable. :sigh:

I just got to building my first suit and it'll be the movie version, GB1 style. But I've got a soft spot for the cartoon so... second suit in the near future?

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