So, this is my take on J_Sudderth's Build, which is a modification on the Paranorman Plans You can see through these lenses, however due to the internal 3/4" pvc it's limited a bit. Oh, and these are pretty heavy duty so they can be worn and such and not break. The J_Sudderth design with the added 3/4" pvc makes them pretty tough.

For this build I actually was able to just reuse my old googles I've been using for the past few years. I included the before picture, they aren't pretty but they were what I used for a long time lol.

(Build info at the end)

(My old "Lenses" were just film canisters lol)






(Wife trying them out, as she'll be a ghostbuster this year too!)


I bought all the standard stuff Paranorman recommends except:
(1) set of ecto goggle knobs off this site
(1) knob from Hector's Hardware for the bottom
(1) Steel toggle switch for the bottom from Hector's Hardware
3/4" PVC pipe (to strengthen the lenses internally
Steel nuts that go on the End Caps (Holds them tight so the slack doesn't pull through)
PVC End Caps
Lexan Plastic to replace the stock flimsy one

I recommend looking at Paranorman's guild first, as I used it a lot. Then Check out J_Sudderth's Guide for his mod, as I just built off his.

What I did different:
I used steel nuts to lock those end caps in (maybe J_Sudderth did too idk)
3/4" PVC was used inside the lenses that run to the back of the end caps, this is done to strengthen the lenses to the body.
The side knobs I secured using 3/8" piece of wood doweling then that was secured using a triple stacked washer (epoxy'd to make 1 washer effectively) with a tiny screw holding it.
Bottom knob has a machine screw built into it, so I just used a nut on the end and cut off the extra with bolt cutters.
The head band was 3/4" elastic. It wouldn't fit through the fittings, so I had to cut it down a bit... this lead to lots of fraying. I used a lighter on the ends, but it stilll frayed, but you can't tell really (But I won't be adjusting the strap)
The top strap was added by using Plastic Rivets (Plastic Rivet gun purchased at Harbor Freight for like $15) I had to put a piece of foam on the inside so you didn't hit the rivet with your head (I later sewed it to the eleastic strap so I didn't fall off, not pictured)

Cleaned with 100% Denatured alcohol
Plastic Primer
Camo OD Green (closest) paint & fusion paint for black
Matte clear coat.

However I only waited 1 day to assemble, and some parts required a bit of pressure to go.. so I put some small smudges in the paint, but nothing super major. I would recommend waiting as long as possible to do final assembly.
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ryandunn wrote: September 2nd, 2020, 4:43 pm Quick question: I’m building the goggles for a project with my daughter. How do you go about cleaning them with denatured alcohol? I have the alcohol and goggles, I was just curious about the process. Thanks so much, yours look great!
Unfortunately the original poster hasn't logged on in 5 years, so it's likely won't answer your question. :(

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