I took some gold bond powder (cause I didn't have baby powder) and brushed a light coat after a few days letting the paint set and it worked well and gave it a nice weathered look. I also drybrushed some silver paint to help with weathering. That worked for me.
It really isn't that complicated.

Spray in light layers. It will stay tacky until you seal it. The ONLY sealer that I use on soft plastics is Dupli-Color's automotive touch-up clear coat. It will knock that tackyness out really quick. I've since put several paint layers on my goggles with no sticky residue.

Somethingthat folks might be having an issue with in stickyness is the mold release agent used in the manufacture of the welding googles can be a bear to get rid of. Similar problems occur when building resin models. Thats why the folks who are giving them a good wash in DAWN then scuffing the base with a fine grit sandpaper and using a quality primer are having better results....
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